Herring Group Austin
Analysis, Leadership and Change
for Companies in Transition

Building Value

What do I do?

Frankly, people hire me when something is causing them pain.  They have a business problem and they want it fixed. 

Specifically people hire me to:

  • fix problems in finance and operations;
  • to restructure companies; or
  • prepare companies for growth.

In the process of fixing what’s broken, CEOs and investors discover that I bring a unique perspective to their business.  It’s not what they have learned to expect from financial people.  In short, my clients believe that my executive experience in finance and operations helps them build value in their business.

Often I look like an interim or part-time COO or CFO.  Sometimes I assist investors with transactions or troubled investments.

How do I work?

I employ a five step process designed to ensure you get services uniquely suited to your business.

  • Understand your business and goals
  • Analyze the business
  • Formulate a plan to produce the results you want
  • Lead the implementation of the plan
  • Celebrate the changes

For a more detailed description, see Methodology.

What do you get?

You get a partner to help you build value.  As your partner, I will provide

  • Solutions that work
  • Perspective that helps shape strategy
  • Uncommon value

The Herring Group is a virtual group.  Greg Herring leads the charge to solve the problems that you want solved – generally fixing things that are broken.  He works with your employees, not his, to implement the strategies that help you achieve your goals.  If additional resources are needed, he will help your company identify and hire those resources on a temporary or permanent basis.